Benefits of Thin Brick for Home Renovations

As spring rolls around, many homeowners are considering home renovations, and many are considering undertaking renovations as a DIY project.  If you’re looking to renovate either interior or exterior walls for your home yourself, you should consider Thin Brick as an economical, simple, and environmental alternative to traditional brick installations.  Here are our top reasons why Thin Brick is the modern way to go for building renovations:


Because Thin Brick are the same exact material and look of normal brick, but only a fraction of the size and weight, it is much easier to install than traditional brick walls.  While traditional methods required brick anchoring or mortar to adhere the Thin Brick to a wall, new methods such as the Ambrico EZ Wall system make the installation both more durable, and a breeze for anyone with a little masonry experience.


Thin Brick adds on to the existing structure of the building, so it does not require any tear down or reconstruction of what’s already there.  While this doesn’t add any weight bearing strength, Thin Brick is self supporting and doesn’t require further modifications to the existing wall, making installation very quick – roughly 12-14 man hours per 100 sq. feet of wall.  The transportation and clean-up is also simplified due to its relative light weight and small volume of material.  It is the perfect project for the DIY home owner who doesn’t have an entire team at their disposal.


Our Thin Bricks are made just like real bricks, so they’re strong enough to withstand the elements in an outdoor installation, and are indistinguishable when used indoors for that contemporary, “studio” look indoors.  Thin Bricks also come in tile form, making installation even simpler, and can be used for walls, floors, or even fireplaces.  Thin Bricks are also fireproof and easy to clean, making it the ideal solution for homeowners who want to be able to build it and forget it.

These are just some of the reasons people come back to us with as to why they love Thin Bricks.  If you are interested in a Thin Brick renovation for a room or your entire house, please contact us with the form on the right!